Nacimiento-Fergusson: The one goat trail I wanted to ride

I won’t say i’m one for goat trails, but this one has always sat in the back of my mind. After seeing it on Pashnit I knew it was a matter of time before riding it. Here goes Nacimiento Fergusson road.

I didn’t take a ton of pics on the ride as I had a lot of shots of CA-1 but here goes:

The V and I have been riding together for a while now! 25k and counting!


The coast had tons of flowers on it.  Springtime is in full force!

Views from Mills Beach (just south of NF on 1)

Yours truly after a birthday gift from Anel. I got a lot of looks today.


Making my way up Nacimiento-Fergusson Road.

Get the irony?


Not sure which is the bigger tank!IMG_4584.jpg

Yellow flowers in Hollister. Super cool!


Great day to be out!



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