WordPress TinyMCE Advanced

I first started blogging with Serendipity some 6 years ago when I wanted to blog my motorcycle trip up to Seattle.  It served it’s purpose well, but became hard to manage for updates and then one update killed the installation.  In search of something better, I came across WordPress.  The installation was really painless.  The more I used WordPress, the more I liked it.

One of the big pain points of WordPress though was it’s lack of support for tables.  I could certainly go into the HTML and add in table code like I did for the Paesano’s review, but that was really more painful than it needed to be.  Excel and Dreamweaver have been doing tables well for years.  Their had to be a better solution.

TineMCE is the default editor in WordPress.  Turns out there is a plugin called TinyMCE Advanced that adds a few new features to the WordPress editor.  One of which is tables.  Now it’s just a simple point and click operation to get a table into a blog posting!

One question remains though.  Why not include the advanced plugin by default and configure it to the novice settings?

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