Bay Area

Happy Halloween from Mountain View

A number of years ago a roommate of mine stumbled up on a homeowner in the area that liked Halloween to a completely new level! Brent Ross, a local in Mountain View, stages a Halloween display that is pretty awesome. The display is fully mechanized and scripted. It fully covers his front yard and while I’ve been a few times, each year there is something new to see and get spooked by. If you’re in the area, it’s worth stopping by to see the display.


IMG 4222

IMG 4230

The grim reaper addresses the crowd:
IMG 4234

and then silences himself for the next audience:
IMG 4241

This spook jumps out of nowhere and hisses fog all over the unsuspecting guest! Bwa hahaha!
IMG 4246

Very creatively done!
IMG 4233


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