Good Night San Francisco!

Earlier in the week I was up in the city taking photos of the Bay Bridge at sunrise. People were talking about this so-called quote “super moon” this weekend.  I heard through the web that there would be great photo opportunities at the Golden Gate Bridge.  While websites like Meetup and Facebook are great to connect people.  However, word also gets out very quickly about new events.  I had a feeling that the bridge overlook was going to be overwhelmed with people. I was right. I threw a bicycle in the back of the truck so I could park off-site and bike to the overlook. That turned out to be a very smart move. There must’ve been about 50 to 60 photographers out there taking photos. All the parking was gone as there are only 10-15 spots near the overlook.  Any sense of serenity was long-lost.

One of the great things about film is that it was significantly expensive every time you press the shutter button. You had to buy film, develop film, and wait the time for development. Don’t get me wrong, I love digital photography, but it lowers the bar for entry significantly. There are a number of SLR camera owners that have no idea how to run their camera. That was very evident at the top of the hill. I’m not saying I’m Ansel Adams, but I think I saw the effects of too much democracy in the photographic field that night :-).

One of the large container ships is leaving San Francisco Bay!

IMG 5658- IMG 5661

The full Golden gate at twilight!

IMG 5670- IMG 5675

The Supermoon has just come over the horizon.

IMG 5708

The city skyline with the moon at twilight through the bridge.

IMG 5728- IMG 5740

IMG 5741- IMG 5743

IMG 5720

Now it’s getting dark enough for some great photos!

IMG 5764- IMG 5766

IMG 5787- IMG 5789

I think this one is one of my favorites of the group.

IMG 5756- IMG 5757

IMG 5779

IMG 5798

With my little camera, the super moon is not so super 😦 .I think I need a new camera! 🙂


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