Christmas on two wheels

Last year was the first year I was able to attend the South Bay Riders’ Toy Ride. Mike, a longtime motorcyclist here in the Bay Area, organizes this ride. Each rider is to bring a new, unwrapped toy for the Toys For Tots program. Some riders come out in full regalia, others with a touch of... Continue Reading →

Diggin it at Dig This Vegas

Ever since I was kid I've been fascinated by the big yellow machines used in construction. As kids we've all had the earth moving equipment: bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks in our toy collections. Much like most kids here in the states those toys spent many hours in the sandbox building castles, moats, and other fortresses... Continue Reading →

Riding less to ride more

Where did this year go!  It didn’t seem that long ago that I was writing the article “A Rider Greets Autumn.”  Unlike other years, this year has not been one for motorcycling.  My bike sat in the garage over the entire winter while I was in Sydney, Australia.  I’ve been traveling a lot by plane and... Continue Reading →

The vending machine is watching…

It’s no secret I love technology. Technology enables us to engage in some pretty cool experiences as situations can be personalized to our unique taste. Everywhere we go we are sharing information about ourselves. We leak metadata. In short, metadata is data about data. Let’s take a simple phone call. If Jim calls John, that’s... Continue Reading →

Understanding Serendipity

Before WordPress, I used to run my blog on a system called Serendipity. Sometimes, you know what a word means but it isn’t actually real to you. It’s a dictionary definition- a clinical expression of a word’s value. Serendipity was one of those long words that other people use but wasn’t in my vernacular –... Continue Reading →

Off to Central Florida!

This year I'm headed to Central Florida three times on business: once in August, once in October, and once in November. Everyone at work gave me the, "You're going there?" My good friend Rob whom I visited in Austin last year moved here a few months ago. It's always great to see friendly faces when... Continue Reading →

Livin’ like Zach Brown!

“I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand” -Zac Brown I remember the first time I heard that song and instantly loved it. The lake was a huge part of growing up. As a kid, I spent many weeks with family and friends on the shores of the lake swimming, boating, and... Continue Reading →

Appendicitis: Symptoms, Surgery, and Recovery

Wow… that was fast. The evening started by eating a questionable burrito salad. Everything seemed normal. Dinner was tasty and hit the spot. About 20 minutes later my stomach started rumbling and I just dismissed it as a bit of indigestion. As the night went on my stomach started to feel worse so I just... Continue Reading →

Touring the National Mall

Before I left, I had mentioned to my roommates that I was going to be in Washington DC for a business trip. Both of us were thrilled as it turned out all three of us would be in DC at the same time and all of us were taking an extra day to sightsee. We... Continue Reading →

An evening shopping at the National Mall

I've never actually been to Washington, DC until now. For some reason we never had a school trip to go see our nation's capital. Nor was there a family vacation in that neck of the woods. Actually, the closest I ever got to Washington, DC was the trip after college to Lynchburg, Virginia to evaluate... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day Mingle – Day 3

Ibuprofen is a God send. Michael suggested I take some to help reduce the inflammation from the bug bite. It worked like none other! While I wasn't quite normal, things were looking a lot better. We were originally slated to take US-50 down to Ice House Road to Wentworth Springs Road. A number of us... Continue Reading →

2014 Memorial Day Mingle – Day 2

I was tired last night.  I was surprised how hard I had slept.  I knew something was not right the moment my face moved.  The insect bite really had swollen up overnight.  We iced it again which helped, but there was going to be a little extra fluff in my helmet on the ride today. ... Continue Reading →

2014 Memorial Day Mingle – Day 1

The Memorial Day Mingle is our "season opener" as most of the Sierra passes are open and it's time to brush off the winter coat and go have some curve carving fun up in the hills.  Sure, it's California and we ride all year, but there's something really special about being deep in the mountains. ... Continue Reading →

Storing a motorcycle: Back in action

After three months in Australia I was ready to get back on my own motorcycle. I was tired of storing a motorcycle and now ready to ride one. I didn't fully winterize the bike as this is the Bay Area has it doesn't get particularly cold. I really only did a few things to the... Continue Reading →


At my last job I needed generate release notes for each version of software that we shipped to customers. I created a PHP script to pull the status of issues in JIRA and generate HTML output which contained key fields such as key, summary, priority, and resolution. I could link that output to the release.... Continue Reading →

Home in Sydney

I’ve received a lot of questions on where I was living in Sydney during my stay. I didn’t stay in a hotel as that would have been prohibitively expensive for a three month stay in Sydney. Searching for housing from overseas was a bit chaotic, but wasn’t impossible. I first started with AirBnB, but got... Continue Reading →

Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout

I loved the BridgeClimb but was bummed out that I couldn't bring a campera up to the top.  I decided to climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout as you could bring your camera.  I wondered why as the main driver from not bringing cameras on the climb was people dropping them.  The pylons were... Continue Reading →

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