Saint Patrick’s Moon

I remember a meetup about a month ago where the focus was to take photos of the Opera House with the moon coming over the horizon.  That meetup got rained out. I checked to see if the moon would be in the same position a month later and it turned out I was in luck! I headed down to The Rocks and waited for the moon to appear.

When it popped over the horizon a bunch of boats stopped in the harbor obstructing my view.  I was hoping to capture a big moon, but Photoshop had to help me out here.     The moon is about 2x the original size.  Hey we can dream can’t we?


As the sky darkened I noticed the lights on the Opera House were not the standard white, but GREEN!


Pretty cool!  With the recent rainstorm the air quality was awesome and I got a good shot of home.  I live just across the harbor on top of Luna Park, Sydney’s cheap thrills amusement park.


As I was walking back I saw the moonlight over Sydney Harbor and the Opera House.  I’m curious… which one do you, the reader, like better?


Don’t forget: Eat some corned beef today!


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