Great Barrier Reef: Going Underwater

The next three hours were truly divine once I arrived to the reef (part 1). Here I was 90 minutes out to sea and ready to jump into the abyss below. I had no idea how deep the water was. Given that it was a reef, I assumed it would be somewhere between 5 and 20 meters (15-20 feet) deep. Something about deep water gives me an unsettling feeling. I knew it wasn’t going to be hundreds of feet deep but that first jump got me over hurdle of tentativeness.

It has been a long time since I’ve been snorkeling. My last time snorkeling was 20 years ago in Hawaii. The sky was fairly overcast so the visibility at first wasn’t great. As the day went on and my confidence went up, the sun came out and I was swimming further away from the boat. I got to see some pretty incredible stuff.

There’s a ton to say, but I’ll just be brief. This post is about rich imagery. The Great Barrier Reef is truly a world wonder. I’d just watch the video then click on the first picture and press the right arrow to take the journey along with me.

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