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Dan Radigan

You'll find Dan at the intersection of riding, technology, and photography. A wanderlust by nature, he's often spending weekends exploring the world by bike, capturing it by camera, and sharing the experience with technology. The best experiences are agile, both at work and in life. Contact me to learn more.

The agile customer

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of agile methodology.  I’ve written much about agile software development at work.  A recent air travel  experience reminded me that agile isn’t just about software.  People and experiences can be agile too.  In particular, savvy product owners know that […]

Ride on Nick…

We meet all sorts of people throughout our lives. Some people touch us for just a moment. Some people walk with us throughout a season. And a select few remain with us throughout our lifetime. Each person we meet broadens us as humans and deepens our connection with […]