Hanging out at Hawk Hill

One of my favorite stretches of pavement in the bay area that nobody's ever heard of is Conzelman Road. It's the little ribbon of pavement that snakes up the Marin Headlands for an outstanding view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Randy flew into town unexpectedly which was a great surprise. He suggested maybe heading over... Continue Reading →

I took the road less traveled…

Four years in I'm still learning the back roads of Contra Costa and Alameda counties. November and December were really wet months. January was cold and I was traveling for a good portion of it. Come February we've had a brief bump in warm weather and with an impending surgery, I wanted to get out... Continue Reading →

Sunrise on Mount Tam

This winter seemed to go on forever. We’ve had a lot of rain which I am thankful for, but this Californian definitely loves the sun. This year Easter came late, April 21 to be exact. With generally mild temperatures and no rain in the forecast, the annual trek to Mount Tamalpais (Mount Tam for short)... Continue Reading →

Easter Sunrise

Easter Sunday affords one of the most unique rides in the bay area. This ride started in the mid-1980s by a couple of hard-core vintage motorcycle riders and some good friends within the California State Parks. What is it? It's the annual sunrise ride to the summit parking lot of Mount Tamalpais.  There's an optional... Continue Reading →

Farm Road 109

This is my first motorcycle ride back from the Sierras since moving to the East Bay and it was decidedly different in good and unexpected ways.  I did my first long ride in almost 3 years. That in and of itself is awesome. When riding I'm often a stickler for mileage as it helps place me... Continue Reading →

Christmas on two wheels

Last year was the first year I was able to attend the South Bay Riders’ Toy Ride. Mike, a longtime motorcyclist here in the Bay Area, organizes this ride. Each rider is to bring a new, unwrapped toy for the Toys For Tots program. Some riders come out in full regalia, others with a touch of... Continue Reading →

A rider greets autumn

Weather is a changin' Every rider once a year has that ride where he knows the weather as fully transitioned from warm weather to cool weather for the year.  As motorcyclists we are fully in the weather.  Going places means experiencing all that that place has to offer as well as everything in between. The... Continue Reading →

Lifelong Learning: A Ride In the Rain

Tyler, a good friend of mine and a wonderful person in the motorcycling community, recounts a story that I never really understood.  She was riding through Kern Canyon at night in the pouring rain.  She spoke of that evening as a wonderful experience and as I listened intently I kept thinking what an awful ride... Continue Reading →

Camp Staff: Year 11

Up to the Mountain Top... Summer camp for many kids is a mountain top experience.  It is the week or two during the year where they leave the daily routine of life behind and travel to the mountain for fun, friendships, and life experience.  Camp De Los Niños is a week long camp in Boulder... Continue Reading →

Going to See the Bay Model

The Bay Model is a fully functional representation of San Francisco Bay.  Scientists in the 1940s and 1950s were looking for ways to understand the ecosystem around the bay.  Since computer technology was not near as advanced then as it is today, scientists had an alternate solution.  They built a to scale model of San... Continue Reading →

Up to San Francisco!

Wow, it's hard to believe a year has gone by. The Death Valley ride generally marks the closing of the riding season for the fair weather riders in California. The climate here is such that one can write a motorcycle from the Bay Area all year long. The destinations will differ by the season but... Continue Reading →

Good Night San Francisco!

Earlier in the week I was up in the city taking photos of the Bay Bridge at sunrise. People were talking about this so-called quote "super moon" this weekend.  I heard through the web that there would be great photo opportunities at the Golden Gate Bridge.  While websites like Meetup and Facebook are great to... Continue Reading →

Good Morning San Francisco!

A friend of mine, Matt, took a photo of the Bay Bridge and posted it on Facebook. I was very much intriuged by the photo and wanted to try my own to see if I could capture the same sort of sentiment.  I had another "get up at the crack of dawn" to capture the... Continue Reading →

No Poppies

I was headed out to Arastradero park to see if I could find some poppies.  I've seen them by the freeway a number of times this spring in good color.  The park usually has some good flowers to photograph this time of year. I had the afternoon free, so I figured it was a good... Continue Reading →

East Bay Fun

Inertia is a very powerful thing. Because I am used to the Santa Cruz Mountains and love the ocean, I very rarely ride out in the East Bay. On top of that, I've never really been particularly fond of Mount Hamilton nor Sierra Road. Mount Hamilton is a slow technical ride. The road quality isn't... Continue Reading →

Santa Cruz Scrub

This was pretty much the perfect weekend to ride. It's been a fairly mild winter overall, but even so when a day pops up with clear skies and temperatures near the 70s it's time to ride! John came down from Sacramento and was interested in running some of the local roads up in the redwood... Continue Reading →

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