Eighty Thousand Strong

This was going to be the trip where the bike rolled over 80,000 miles. I had thought I might've made it on the Easter ride, but I was about 20 miles short and didn't want to just ride the bike to pound out those 20 miles. This trip was almost going to be a carbon... Continue Reading →

Rolling Home – 226 Miles

Getting into town was a bit of an adventure. I turned on the wrong dirt road winding up in someone's backyard that I didn't think they wanted me there. With a bit of backtracking and some help from the phone, I made my way from dirt road one over to dirt road two and found... Continue Reading →

Running down the coast

Last year the trip to Death Valley came and went and I decided not to go. I regretted that decision and was determined to go this year. I've wanted to start going on trips that have more miles per day and this seemed like a good trip to start. The last day was 500 miles,... Continue Reading →

Two Wheels to Four

Southern California is a place I've not often visited, almost disproportionally for as much as I travel in this state and for as long as I've been here. I don't know if it's just the fact that I'm prejudiced against it or if it's just never appealed to me. I often think that it's full... Continue Reading →

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