A splash of color!

I’ve been guilty of overthinking blog posts.  I often get into the scenario thinking I need to write a ton, have a bunch of pictures, and create this perfect article.  There are times all of that happens.  My article, “Confessions of a newly converted marsh kid” was one of those articles. “One V-Strom: 100,000 Miles”... Continue Reading →

Off to Norway

I fulfilled a dream today. I remember in middle school social studies class learning about the world and all of the different places in it. Much like every kid in America, we covered the world in chapters with each culture being a week or two in school. Three chapters resonated with me: Australia, the Nordics,... Continue Reading →

One V-Strom: 100,000 Miles

The back story For much of my childhood I’ve always had a subscription to a motorcycle magazine. Cycle World dominated a lot of my teenage years. As I started to do more touring on my motorcycle, my subscription shifted to Rider Magazine. Every year each motorcycle magazine has their own “motorcycle of the year.” Rider... Continue Reading →

How to transition the office of president

Today was the monthly meeting for Homoto, the motorcycle club I ride with on a regular basis (when I'm not traveling :-)). It was the first meeting for me as a member of the peanut gallery again. My two-year stint as president has wound down! After the meeting, I took a fun ride down the freeway... Continue Reading →

The vending machine is watching…

It’s no secret I love technology. Technology enables us to engage in some pretty cool experiences as situations can be personalized to our unique taste. Everywhere we go we are sharing information about ourselves. We leak metadata. In short, metadata is data about data. Let’s take a simple phone call. If Jim calls John, that’s... Continue Reading →

Understanding Serendipity

Before WordPress, I used to run my blog on a system called Serendipity. Sometimes, you know what a word means but it isn’t actually real to you. It’s a dictionary definition- a clinical expression of a word’s value. Serendipity was one of those long words that other people use but wasn’t in my vernacular –... Continue Reading →

Livin’ like Zach Brown!

“I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand” -Zac Brown I remember the first time I heard that song and instantly loved it. The lake was a huge part of growing up. As a kid, I spent many weeks with family and friends on the shores of the lake swimming, boating, and... Continue Reading →

Appendicitis: Symptoms, Surgery, and Recovery

Wow… that was fast. The evening started by eating a questionable burrito salad. Everything seemed normal. Dinner was tasty and hit the spot. About 20 minutes later my stomach started rumbling and I just dismissed it as a bit of indigestion. As the night went on my stomach started to feel worse so I just... Continue Reading →

Ride On, Bob

Today was one of the first days I felt really far from home. From California, it's a chunk of flying to get home. From Australia, it's literally halfway around the world. It takes 24 hours of continuous flying to get to home from here to see family. I got news today that my uncle had... Continue Reading →

SJC to SAN: One Last Hurrah

Hehe… I didn’t think I’d spend New Years Eve at my third office: The Sky Club at LAX.  I somewhat like it here.  It’s open and airy like home.  You have a good view of the tarmac.  It’s got a Aeron chair and enough food to just keep ya alive.  The Australians have better beer... Continue Reading →


After a number of weeks in physical therapy, I was finally cleared to start light hiking again. I was excited about going up to Purisma Creek Redwoods to go hiking. Ben suggested it because there was a section of trail that was fairly gentle, but still a beautiful place to go enjoy the outdoors. I... Continue Reading →

CalTrain: 10 Years Later

I'm enrolled in physical therapy down south so I had to jet out of the office a bit early today to catch the 5 pm train back home.  As I was boarding the train, I just caught the last few rays of daylight.  From October to March I usually count the daylight by which train... Continue Reading →

I was humbled

Sometimes in life you truly are surprised.  This was a fully packed weekend: rodeo, the motorcycle show, and then celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving.  Mark and Kari are great friends of mine.  Mark married Kari, who is Canadian.  As I’ve come to know her, I’ve been learning lots about our bretheren to the north.  Canada is a... Continue Reading →

It Gets Better

Many people, many videos, one story Wow a year went by fast... This post on Moby's blog reminded me about National Coming Out Day.  The Trevor Project focuses on teenagers who are struggling with their sexual orientation. Dan Savage, a Seattle newspaper columnist, launched a campaign called "It Gets Better" were adults could contribute a... Continue Reading →

Parks: Federal or State concerns?

I'll be the first to say I was raised a Southern guy. I can remember sitting in AP history class listening to Celeste Boemker talk about state's rights. In history class we had to learn all of the amendments, especially those in the Bill of Rights.  Mrs. Boemker spent a fair amount of time on... Continue Reading →

Thank you, Elliot

Danke Schön Somehow, saying goodbye never gets any easier.  I can remember hearing as a little kid that my grandmother passed.  My dad came into the room where we were watching TV and told us that grandmother would no longer be with us anymore.  Looking back on it, it was clear that I really didn’t... Continue Reading →

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