Understanding Serendipity

Before WordPress, I used to run my blog on a system called Serendipity. Sometimes, you know what a word means but it isn’t actually real to you. It’s a dictionary definition- a clinical expression of a word’s value. Serendipity was one of those long words that other people use but wasn’t in my vernacular –... Continue Reading →

Ride On, Bob

Today was one of the first days I felt really far from home. From California, it's a chunk of flying to get home. From Australia, it's literally halfway around the world. It takes 24 hours of continuous flying to get to home from here to see family. I got news today that my uncle had... Continue Reading →

SJC to SAN: One Last Hurrah

Hehe… I didn’t think I’d spend New Years Eve at my third office: The Sky Club at LAX.  I somewhat like it here.  It’s open and airy like home.  You have a good view of the tarmac.  It’s got a Aeron chair and enough food to just keep ya alive.  The Australians have better beer... Continue Reading →


After a number of weeks in physical therapy, I was finally cleared to start light hiking again. I was excited about going up to Purisma Creek Redwoods to go hiking. Ben suggested it because there was a section of trail that was fairly gentle, but still a beautiful place to go enjoy the outdoors. I... Continue Reading →

CalTrain: 10 Years Later

I'm enrolled in physical therapy down south so I had to jet out of the office a bit early today to catch the 5 pm train back home.  As I was boarding the train, I just caught the last few rays of daylight.  From October to March I usually count the daylight by which train... Continue Reading →

I was humbled

Sometimes in life you truly are surprised.  This was a fully packed weekend: rodeo, the motorcycle show, and then celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving.  Mark and Kari are great friends of mine.  Mark married Kari, who is Canadian.  As I’ve come to know her, I’ve been learning lots about our bretheren to the north.  Canada is a... Continue Reading →

It Gets Better

Many people, many videos, one story Wow a year went by fast... This post on Moby's blog reminded me about National Coming Out Day.  The Trevor Project focuses on teenagers who are struggling with their sexual orientation. Dan Savage, a Seattle newspaper columnist, launched a campaign called "It Gets Better" were adults could contribute a... Continue Reading →

Parks: Federal or State concerns?

I'll be the first to say I was raised a Southern guy. I can remember sitting in AP history class listening to Celeste Boemker talk about state's rights. In history class we had to learn all of the amendments, especially those in the Bill of Rights.  Mrs. Boemker spent a fair amount of time on... Continue Reading →

Thank you, Elliot

Danke Schön Somehow, saying goodbye never gets any easier.  I can remember hearing as a little kid that my grandmother passed.  My dad came into the room where we were watching TV and told us that grandmother would no longer be with us anymore.  Looking back on it, it was clear that I really didn’t... Continue Reading →

A Scout is Brave

Scouting has been a large part of growing up for me.  I joined the Cub Scouts as a "Webelos".  It's an acronym meaning "We'll Be Loyal Scouts." A year later with the Arrow of Light I became a Boy Scout.  I spent all of junior high and high school in the same troop.   We had... Continue Reading →

Feeling and Experience

Every so often a song will resonate with me. I'm a firm believer that good country music is all about storytelling. We each have experiences in our lives that are not unique to us but a part of the larger fabric of humanity. I was listening to the song Guinevere and the experience of the... Continue Reading →

Snuggled Up…

Chihuahuas and I almost never get along.  This one however seemed to be the exception to the rule.  I thought the cozy feeling in this photo really came out.

Chicken Fried

This song is just awesome.  It always puts me in a great mood even when life sucks!  It reminds me of home when I was out on the lake for the weekend.

Georgia Pecan Pie

When I moved out to California, I decided not to fly home for Thanksgiving as its a long flight and Christmas is just around the corner. When attending a Thanksgiving dinner out here, I wanted to bring a dessert with me that was reflective of home. I decided to make Pecan Pie. Never having made... Continue Reading →

On purchasing a mattress

When I first moved out to California some 11 years ago, I had just about nothing. After a few nights of sleeping on the floor with my camping gear I headed over to SleepTrain to acquire something more comfortable than my Thermarest from REI. After sitting on a few beds and $1000 later, I was... Continue Reading →

Riding the bus in the sky

Each time I fly it seems the airlines are more and more like other forms of public transit. A number of years ago food used to be complimentary. Then you had the option to buy it. Now it is just soda and peanuts only. The same sort of policies came along for baggage. Now all... Continue Reading →

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