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Speed shooting for photographers

My employer has campuses all over the world. While¬†on an extended trip to Sydney, I met up with a group of photographers there called the “Shutterbugs.” The Shutterbugs every so often explore the area around the office over lunch practicing their photography skills. When I came back to […]

5 tips from a newbie in the studio

One of the pleasant surprises here in Sydney is that it has a very vibrant culture of Meetup groups. I thought Meetup, being a New York corporation would have very limited presence here. The opposite couldn’t have been more true. I’ve found groups that do photography, PHP development, […]

Atlassian Photo Walk at 16mm

Atlassian’s corporate headquarters is right in the heart of Sydney. It’s a beautiful location in the old Bank of New South Wales. As one could expect, we make extensive use of HipChat, our group chat platform. HipChat supports persistent rooms were groups of people can gather around a […]

Ride On, Bob

Today was one of the first days I felt really far from home. From California, it’s a chunk of flying to get home. From Australia, it’s literally halfway around the world. It takes 24 hours of continuous flying to get to home from here to see family. I […]

Chinese New Year: Fireworks

Chinese New Year is a huge deal here. Celebrations are going on over the next two weeks including parades, food fairs, fireworks, and even coloring the Sydney Opera House with red light (as fleeting as it was). I’d never really photographed fireworks well before. Much like children, they […]