Another Year, another project

One of the things I really enjoyed about 2008 was looking back over all of the photos captured in my Project365. I could look back and see something from each day and remember what happened that day. As I get older (and time passes faster) it's nice to have some record of what happens in... Continue Reading →

Project365 commencement

I've started a new project in November called Project365. The idea behind it is taking a photo a day for one year. Being a leap year, it's more like Project366, but 365 works better for me. Some folks do a theme each month or something of similar sorts to keep the project interesting to keep... Continue Reading →

My Replacement Friend is in

Thanks to the miracle known as eBay my replacement friend arrived about a week ago. What is it do you ask? A gently used Powershot S50. I paid $90 for the camera and $30 for an extended battery so I've got an essentially new camera for about 1/2 the cost of a new one. Yeah... Continue Reading →

Panoramic Photography

Being one that likes to take landscape shots, at times you just cannot convey the depth of the scene in a 4x6 shot. You can't really get a good sense for the skyline or how for instance the mountains fit into the mountain range.... The great thing about digital photography is that you can do... Continue Reading →

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