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ROL Day 4: Yreka to San Jose

The talk of the town yesterday seemed to indicate that everybody was planning to roll down Interstate 5. From Yreka to San Jose it’s about 350 miles. To complicate matters it was going to be near 100° for most of it. With that kind of distance in that […]

Nevada Bypass

Both the northern California and the southern California groups made it to Mammoth Friday night.  The So Cal guys rolled in at 7pm and the Nor Cal guys made it at 9:30pm.  Both groups rolled out 12 hours later.  Southern California did three major passes: Tioga, Ebbets, and […]

The 20 year ride

Day 1: 191 miles I got an invite to go on a ride with some of my co workers. It turns out that this ride has been going on for about the last 20 years as the Memorial Day lap around northern California. This year they decided to […]

Less can really be more

Every vacation should have a purpose. It is even better is when that purpose is realized and fulfilled. We vacation to take time off to rest, for new experiences, to connect with others, etc. The past few years on my “trip into the woods” I’ve set out to […]