The 20 year ride

Day 1: 191 miles I got an invite to go on a ride with some of my co workers. It turns out that this ride has been going on for about the last 20 years as the Memorial Day lap around northern California. This year they decided to move it out a week. I am... Continue Reading →

Riding Bliss

I almost never get out early when I travel on the bike. I tend to be a night owl but I was determined to get out early on the ride today. I got to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour, but 6:45 comes early. The bed at motel 6 was not that great, so getting... Continue Reading →

Eastern Sierra Lakes Tour

This was the spring to ride all the mountain passes as they opened. I'd been over Carson early in the season, I (cough, drove, cough) over Sonora. Tioga was finally open and it was time to get out an play on the bikes. I sort of find lakes near snow capped mountains cool, so I... Continue Reading →

Heading West

It's time to head home. It was great to see such varied countryside and have 900 miles under my belt with about another 300 to go.  There was snow for Lake Tahoe in the forecast.  Odd thing was that in Tahoe it was 60 degrees and sunny. Not exactly snowy weather.  Well, being smart, I... Continue Reading →

Liking Less

Less was good. I did less today as well. I was only riding another 150 miles. Destination: Tahoe. The route was simple, just Highway 89/267 all the way to my final stop. Yesterday I started taking more pics, but there just wasn't a lot of fall color up until about Chester. I'm not sure if... Continue Reading →

Fall is coming…

Yeah... I know I live in motorcycling nirvana. California has tons of mountain roads next to the ocean, desert, forest and twisty roads that cover just about all of it. To top it off, the weather is just about perfect year round somewhere in this state and it's often accessible from San Jose.  I had... Continue Reading →

V-Strom Reno Gathering: Getting There

The V-Strom and I have known each other for about two years now. One of the big differences between the community surrounding this bike and the last one, a 2001 Vulcan 750 is that the local Vulcan Rider group was really strong. I remember going on more than a few group rides with SFBA-VROC. The... Continue Reading →

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