Upgrading from Mojave to Catalina

I've spent this weekend doing some maintenance on my Macintosh: organizing old photos into albums, upgrading various operating system patches, and finally upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Upgrading Windows was so wonderfully easy it reminded me about my difficult experience upgrading my Mac from Mohave to Catalina. To set context, I run Windows... Continue Reading →

First Look: Epson EcoTank 4760

Down at my core, I have always been partial to laser printers. In high school, the family had an HP LaserJet 4. To say that thing was a tank was a massive understatement. It printed volumes of paper and never really skipped a beat. Term papers, science projects, tax returns – whatever we threw at... Continue Reading →

Tips for using Dragon for Mac

I'm a huge fan of voice dictation. I first fell in love with Nuance NaturallySpeaking on the Windows platform. After I switched over to the Mac and purchased Dragon for Mac 4, I was sorely disappointed. The dictation quality was not near as good nor was the cursor handling. I quickly backpedaled trying to get... Continue Reading →

5 Tips for a Great Coworking Experience

I had two great days up in Lake Tahoe experiencing very different coworking spaces.  Before that, I’ve been to a couple of different coworking spaces where I’ve stayed over in certain cities and extra day or two.  I find that in coworking spaces I'm much more productive for me than sitting in a hotel room... Continue Reading →

Dragon Dictate in a virtual machine

Ever since voice dictation became within reach to consumer in the late 1990s, I’ve always been intrigued with the technology.  My first experience with Dragon Dictate included a massive amount of floppy disks, a bad microphone, and a very poor experience.  Not being the best typer, I was relegated to keyboarding for another 10 years.... Continue Reading →

Moving from WordPress.org to WordPress.com

I spent a fair amount of time searching but didn't find many articles talking about migrating from wordpress.org to wordpress.com. Here's my story. In all the iterations of my website, I have to say I have truly fallen in love with WordPress. The platform is open, extensible, and approachable.WordPress isn't just for blogs. WordPress truly changed... Continue Reading →

20 years of HTML

Time flies.  It's hard to believe I've had some sort of web presence for 20 years.  Wow I feel old.  How about a trip down memory lane? The middle of my sophomore year in college was a pivotal time for me in life. I had two years of hard sciences under my belt with a... Continue Reading →

5 tips I learned selling on eBay

Up until recently I've been a casual user of eBay. I've purchased random things like ink cartridges for my printer, hard to find items for my motorcycle, and even a few specific apparel items. I've also used eBay as a way to calculate value for items donated to charity. It's a decent way to assess... Continue Reading →


At my last job I needed generate release notes for each version of software that we shipped to customers. I created a PHP script to pull the status of issues in JIRA and generate HTML output which contained key fields such as key, summary, priority, and resolution. I could link that output to the release.... Continue Reading →

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