Automate Everything

I'm preparing a set of images for upload for a future blog post and started to make the edits in Photoshop but quickly became frustrated with the work required.  For each image I had to: Shrink the image from 4000x5000 down to 480x600 Increase the canvas to 640x520 Place a 20 pixel border on the... Continue Reading →

Terrestrial radio

Sometimes I think that I am the only person that listens to over the air radio. Most of my friends have upgraded to satellite radio, listen to their iPod, or enjoy a format that is not available over terrestrial radio. One of the advantages of listening to country music is that there are typically stations... Continue Reading →

Evaluation: Dragon Naturally Speaking

I've been an iPhone user for about 2 1/2 years now and I have to finally say I'm a convert.  One experience however that I don't enjoy on the iPhone is typing.  I don't find that the capacitive keyboard is near as good as the mechanical counterpart.  Nuance came out with the Dragon app that... Continue Reading →

Ignite Boulder 18

Ignite Boulder is a pretty awesome event.  They hold it at the Boulder Theater a few times a year.  Unfortunately, I took the photo after they had changed the sign! The premise is simple: each speaker has 5 minutes to speak. Each presentation must have exactly 20 slides and each slide advances every 15 seconds. ... Continue Reading →

SSH without Passwords

I've been using a Mac now at work for just about all of my activities. We have a fair number of UNIX hosts that I need to work with and I've heard you can log in using SSH without passwords but have never been able to get it to work right.   I've now found a... Continue Reading →

Batch Scanning Photos the Fast Way

Recently I had to take a set of slides exported out of PowerPoint and turn them into slides again. While the process was totally backwards, it generally worked for the purposes of the meeting.  When PowerPoint exports slides, it puts 6 slides on a page in PDF form.  So to get them back into slides, ... Continue Reading →

Ubuntu: Listing All Installed Packages

I just updated to Ubuntu 11.10 and had some massive issues with Ubuntu running Thunderbird.  Since Unity, the new UI software never really worked all that well, I decided it was time to wipe my settings.  Now that I've moved all the files in my home direcotry to another directory I can't log in.  Moving... Continue Reading →

Thank You Steve

I'll admit I've been a fan of the PC be it in Windows or Linux form. It wasn't until 2004 that I really began to use the Macintosh when I was a QA lead for Dreamweaver. I'd used Mac OS 9 in school and that product never resonated with me. After the release of Mac... Continue Reading →

AtlasCamp 2011

In my current job I've been learning a lot about Atlassian products and technology.  Before I started I'd used Bugzilla and TestTrackPro and a few wikis but none of the Atlassian products.  In fact I'd passed over Jira for the equivalent Seapine Product known as Test Track Pro.  As hindsight is 20:20, Jira is clearly... Continue Reading →

WordPress TinyMCE Advanced

I first started blogging with Serendipity some 6 years ago when I wanted to blog my motorcycle trip up to Seattle.  It served it's purpose well, but became hard to manage for updates and then one update killed the installation.  In search of something better, I came across WordPress.  The installation was really painless.  The... Continue Reading →

Pivot Tables in MYSQL

I’ve found an awesome piece of code that I’ve used over the years that now seems to have disappeared of the net as the server hosting it is down. With Access, you can run a “Crosstab” query that will tabulate on a field and create a dynamic result set based on those fields. This is... Continue Reading →

Reviewing Roku HD Player

Overview: Good once going, but needs a better out of box experience for content. 4 out of 5 Pros: Great value at $80, high quality picture, easy to set up, easy to use, great Netflix experience, easy to use Wi-Fi. Cons: Default channels are lacking, hard to tell which channels are free or require subscriptions My... Continue Reading →

Online with the iPhone

So I finally got an iPhone.  iPhone is one of the standard issue phones from my employer and the Blackberry. I don't really need an actual keyboard as I would rather have the screen real estate. The G1 had a reasonably good compromise with both an on-screen keyboard and a pull out one, but I... Continue Reading →

Sprint No More

Finally... I have a phone I can use. Back in 2001 I finally got a cell phone. Yes.. I was one of the last few hold outs it seemed. Even my folks had phones. I signed up with Sprint as they were one of the few phone companies at the time where I could use... Continue Reading →

Pigeon Point and Linux

I had one of those "I've got a few hours to play with" on Sat and decided to take the bike out for a short ride along the coast... Like most folks have said, it was a great weekend to be out. Unlike the newbie ride of a week ago, the weather was perfect. Clear... Continue Reading →

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