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Defer, Defer, Defer

It’s hard to believe how fast the time goes. It’s now time to return home for real. I need to leave today to make it to San Jose by Thursday. I’d like a few days to chill out before heading back to work. Like the other days I’m […]

Bumming in Seattle

I’ve got the weekend to chill out in Seattle before heading back to San Francisco. I’m not sure at this point which day I’m leaving as the weather is true Seattle: rain. Andy and I were planning on camping, but sitting in a tent with rain is not […]

Federal 2

While I’m still having a ton of fun out here on the road, my mind set has changed about the trip. I’m going home now. I’ve been through much of northern Idaho and just a touch of Montana and it’s time to turn the bike west and head […]

Slack Day

Originally I was thinking of making today a motorcycle travel day, but after spending 13 hours on planes and airports, that was not going to happen. I needed to get the rear tire replaced, so I spent most of the morning over at EastSide Moto sitting at a […]


On the way back from Seattle, the bike picked up a staple in the rear tire. I took it down to CycleWorks in Renton as they said they could patch it. I ride about 20 miles down the freeway. The shop seemed really disorganized as it took over […]

Snoqualmie Falls

Tuesday was great. I planned to ride out to Snoqualmie Falls, a huge waterfall in more rural Seattle. Snoqualmie Falls is only about 30 miles from Seattle so I wanted to go a bit further into the east part of the state to see what was up there. […]