Motorcycle Packing List

After three years since my cross country motorcycle trip I’ve learned to pack different things now. Obviously I don’t bring everything on every trip. I just use this form so I know I’ve at least considered everything. Usually on the weekend trips I only bring about 1/2 the stuff. The longer trips do require preparation.

The key things to remember:

  • The two most important things after safety gear are a driver’s license,  credit card, and some cash
  • Know how to use every tool you bring
  • Memorize at least one phone number for help just in case you are not able to use your phone
Bike Accessories Riding Gear
Toolkit RoadCrafter
8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 17 mm wrenches Helmet
Vise Grips Boots
Pliers Boot Laces
Flat Head screwdriver Summer Gloves
Phillips head screwdriver Earplugs
Zip Ties Sunglasses
Battery O-Rings Heated Gear
GPS/Gerbing Fuses Jacket
Metric Allen Keys Socks
Chain Care Wire for heated socks
24 mm Socket Gloves
Torque Wrench HeatTroller
Teflon Lube Electrical
Rags GPS
Tire Care USB cable
Tire Gauge Cell Phone and charger
Cycle Pump Digital Camera and charger
Cycle Pump Gator Clips Laptop and power adapter
Tire Plug Kit Clothing
Etc. Two pairs of jeans
Manual Two pairs of shorts
Disc Lock 5 pairs of underwear
Spare bike key 5 pair of socks
4 T-shirts
Towel One Long sleeve shirt
Brush Two Nice shirts (One long sleeve and one short sleeve)
Toothbrush 2 White undershirts
Toothpaste Running shoes
Spare glasses Fleece
Three sets of contacts Running gear (sneakers, shorts, t-shirt, shell)
Bar soap Long underwear
Shampoo Bike shorts
Chapstick Flip flops
Razor Swim trunks
Hand cream Workout shorts
Suntan lotion Camping
Bug Repellent Tent
Advil Sleeping Bag
Diabetic Stuff Thermarest
3 AAA batteries Tarp
10 site sets Headlamp
10 needles Pillow
7 vials of testing strips Misc
Testing meter Insurance Cards
2 Lancets with new lancers Driver License
Two vials of insulin Registration
Cooling Thermos setup Passport
20 glucose tabs Help Sign
Two power bars Wallet – Amex, Visa, Cash
Almonds First Aid kit
Reading Material
Spare bungee
Trash Bag

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