Watsons Bay: A three hour tour!

I'd been hearing a lot about Watsons Bay as one of the pretty spots in Sydney.  The problem was though it was a fair hike from my place to get there.   I was stoked to find out that we were all headed out to Watsons Bay for the JIRA 6.2 launch celebration.  JIRA 6.2 was... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Mark

I met Mark the first time I was here in Australia. I was super grateful for his expertise as it made this traveler’s journey much easier being fresh from the states. Now coming back to Sydney, it was great seeing a familiar face in the context of a new adventure. Mark was celebrating his 43rd... Continue Reading →

An authentic Australian bush dance

Fair Day was the kickoff of all things Mardi Gras. I stumbled across the Southern Cross Outdoors Group in the area that had all of the community organizations. The name at least sounded interesting so I grabbed a brochure from the unmanned booth. Looking in a little deeper, one of the events they had going... Continue Reading →

Surfing in Manly

No Australian experience can be complete without a day of surfing. As the resident Californian of the group, a few were surprised that I had never been surfing. After an explanation that summer was cold, surfing always requires a wetsuit, and I just never dug into the opportunity, the group accepted that I was a... Continue Reading →

Glebe Cafe Church

Fair Day had a number of religious organizations in the community section. I was curious to see what church was like here in Australia and how it may be similar or different to the experience I've been exposed to in the United States.  I’m looking for answers in the spiritual realm.  I don’t think the... Continue Reading →

Suzuki Heaven

My roommate had mentioned he left his motorcycle at his mates place last night so that he wouldn't have to ride home under the influence of alcohol. New South Wales has fairly strict guidelines for what constitutes a DUI. Here in New South Wales the legal limit is 0.05 whereas in the United States it's... Continue Reading →

A gander to Woolworths

The stars aligned and my roommate needed to go to the grocery store at the same time that I did. A seemingly small detail to most, but it was huge for me. That meant we were going to the cool grocery store in a car. I didn't have to haul groceries of many flights of... Continue Reading →

Fair Day 2014

Sydney is a city that loves to party. New Year's kicks off each year which then quickly folds into Australia Day at the end of January. February begins with Chinese New Year and right on its heels is Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is the largest celebration of LGBT culture and pride in the southern hemisphere.... Continue Reading →

Australians love their fireworks

It was an exceptionally good sunset tonight seeing the warm colors across the sky from our balcony. I think I've seen more fireworks here in three weeks than I have the last 10 years living in the United States. Fireworks seem to be an every other day occurrence here in the land of Oz. I... Continue Reading →

A gander out west

Life brought me to Canterbury today. I’ve been looking around for a good tripod to support my camera habit at night. Exploring with the office tripod made it clear that the last one I had was just not up to the task anymore. It was 15 years old and ready to be replaced. Having a... Continue Reading →


Meetup is a wonderful thing. You can drop into a foreign city and connect with people that have similar interests as you. I've put a number of my Meetups back home on hold and joined new ones here ranging from photography, outdoors, to technology. Tonight was a hangout recreational group down south of town so... Continue Reading →

Atlassian Photo Walk at 16mm

Atlassian's corporate headquarters is right in the heart of Sydney. It's a beautiful location in the old Bank of New South Wales. As one could expect, we make extensive use of HipChat, our group chat platform. HipChat supports persistent rooms were groups of people can gather around a particular topic. Sydney has a group for... Continue Reading →

Ride On, Bob

Today was one of the first days I felt really far from home. From California, it's a chunk of flying to get home. From Australia, it's literally halfway around the world. It takes 24 hours of continuous flying to get to home from here to see family. I got news today that my uncle had... Continue Reading →

Into Gelato

I think I found the coolest thing ever. Deep in the heart of Chinatown here in Sydney exists something that vindicates years of schooling in chemistry. I'm not talking about a year of general chemistry in high school. I'm talking two years of chemistry in high school and two years or more in college (or... Continue Reading →

Chinese New Year: Fireworks

Chinese New Year is a huge deal here. Celebrations are going on over the next two weeks including parades, food fairs, fireworks, and even coloring the Sydney Opera House with red light (as fleeting as it was). I'd never really photographed fireworks well before. Much like children, they are a fleeting art form that needs... Continue Reading →

A date with coffee

Team building exercises at work are usually pretty cool as they are often doing things I’d not do on my own. What were 12 software engineers headed off to do on a Friday afternoon?  Make coffee! We had an afternoon of fun set out for us at the Australian Coffee School. Espresso I’ve never really... Continue Reading →

Beaches: Botany and Bondi

Botany The beaches here have a very different feel than they do back home in California or in Florida. In some places they share the rocky feel of California beaches. In other places they mimic Florida with her warm waters in broad white sand beaches. Mike and I started near Botany out near the Sydney... Continue Reading →

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