Sydney Trains: under ground

It's amazing sometimes how the cadence of your day can change so quickly. I was walking home across the Sydney Harbor Bridge and saw that the Sydney Opera House was lit in bright red for Chinese New Year. I came back to the house and grabbed my camera gear. I was ready for the first... Continue Reading →

Day 7 – Packaging

Troy shared a post on Facebook casually about a rendition of the song I'll be there for you... It's the well known theme song for Friends.  I've probably listened to 10 times and each time I get more out of the music.  I'd encourage you to listen to both renditions..  Or at least 1/2 of... Continue Reading →

Day 6 – Randomness that caught my eye

The Sydney Harbor Bridge connects the central business district with North Sydney.  Walking across each day I find a mixture of tourists, commuters, and well some odd stuff mixed in from time to time.  I saw a guy run by with his shirt and tie in a bag from the cleaners strapped to his back!... Continue Reading →

Day 5 – Sydneyattle

Day four is coming, I promise. There is an image I need to track down to add to the post before it goes live. I had to laugh as the trains were running late when I got to the platform. There were maintenance issues delaying the trains on platform one. About eight trains went by... Continue Reading →

Day 2 – I have a place to live

I landed at about 6:30 AM local time. The goals for today were simple: connect with my coworkers stay up till at least 9:30 PM pay the rent find sheets Jet lag is a weird thing. By the time I landed in Sydney it was about mid afternoon in San Francisco. I didn't sleep that... Continue Reading →

SJC to SAN: One Last Hurrah

Hehe… I didn’t think I’d spend New Years Eve at my third office: The Sky Club at LAX.  I somewhat like it here.  It’s open and airy like home.  You have a good view of the tarmac.  It’s got a Aeron chair and enough food to just keep ya alive.  The Australians have better beer... Continue Reading →

2013 SBR Toy Ride

Each December Mike organizes the SBR Toy Ride in conjunction with the San Mateo County fire Department. Each rider is to bring a new, unwrapped toy for a child in need during the Christmas season. I’ve never been able to do this ride until this year. I’m almost always on a plane back home to... Continue Reading →


After a number of weeks in physical therapy, I was finally cleared to start light hiking again. I was excited about going up to Purisma Creek Redwoods to go hiking. Ben suggested it because there was a section of trail that was fairly gentle, but still a beautiful place to go enjoy the outdoors. I... Continue Reading →

Should I replace my motorcycle battery?

Riding to work this morning reminded me of one of my favorite movies growing up - The Breakfast Club.  Why?  My motorcycle was screaming the refrain from the theme song: “Don’t You Forget About Me.” I forgot about my bike due to the busyness of life. Here in the Bay Area it’s a year-round riding... Continue Reading →

A rider greets autumn

Weather is a changin' Every rider once a year has that ride where he knows the weather as fully transitioned from warm weather to cool weather for the year.  As motorcyclists we are fully in the weather.  Going places means experiencing all that that place has to offer as well as everything in between. The... Continue Reading →

New iPhone App: Smart Riding

A better way to measure riding I’m continually impressed with how capable the iPhone is when it comes to integrating into my daily life. Sure, it’s a web browser, email reader, social networking time waster. It does however have some pretty cool applications though. With Navigon, I’ve replaced my standalone GPS. The iPhone tracks the... Continue Reading →

CalTrain: 10 Years Later

I'm enrolled in physical therapy down south so I had to jet out of the office a bit early today to catch the 5 pm train back home.  As I was boarding the train, I just caught the last few rays of daylight.  From October to March I usually count the daylight by which train... Continue Reading →

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