The Blue Mountains

I wrapped up at work on Thursday afternoon and was looking forward to heading out to the country and see something other than Sydney. I was having a great time in the big city, but wanted to see a different part of Australia. A number of people had mentioned going to see the Blue Mountains.... Continue Reading →

Am I Manly Enough?

With a day in the mountains behind me, I wondered what I should do for my last day in Sydney. I had walked around downtown quite a bit. I’d seen the Blue Mountains, but could have stayed an extra day there. Being this was high summer, I opted for the beach. Sydney has three beaches... Continue Reading →

Oz: Boots on the Ground

I have two weeks in Australia and want to make sure that I see as much as I can while I am here. The day I landed it was cold and wet the whole day. Paula, one of my good friends, raved on and on about Sydney. I wasn't impressed the first day but things... Continue Reading →

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