Kuranda Sky Rail

They (being folklore in the States) say everything in Australia tries to kill you. I'm not sure that's fully true, but I will say there were some things that spooked me in this post. Warning: If spiders creep you out, this post is not for you. Because the bus left for the airport at 4... Continue Reading →

Kuranda Scenic Railway

Saturday was a total wash for me. I felt sick all day. Usually I'm pretty resilient to seasickness, but I think the duration and intensity finally got to me. The bus was flying around corners and sitting in the back didn't help. The rough waters to and from the dock at Agincourt Reef added to... Continue Reading →

A three hour tour to the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of "the things" to do here in Australia. Spanning over 2,300 kilometers (1,400 miles) there are a myriad of options to choose from. I choose Cairns as it was the largest city along the Great Barrier Reef, but other locations would've been Port Douglas as well as Airlie Beach.... Continue Reading →

Cairns, Australia

The motorcycle trip across southeastern Australia was truly awesome. My time is winding down here, so it's important to get off my tail and go see the things I wanted to do in my spare time. Australia is about as big as the United States, and the Great Barrier Reef is in northeastern Australia. I... Continue Reading →

Touring the Sydney Opera House

I know I ramble on about the Sydney Opera House, but it really is the pinnacle thing for me that signifies all things Australia. I've read so much about it year after year in school that seeing it in full color makes me smile still after nearly three months here in Australia. I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Copying WordPress Locally

I've been using WordPress for about six years now and think it's a truly great piece of technology. I love using it for my blog and have deployed word press on a number of other sites around the web. One of the things I've struggled with though is copying a WordPress instance down to my... Continue Reading →

Vince is 40

I’ve always been interested in networks of people. I can remember when the internet first came mainstream the site SixDegrees ran under the principle that everyone is connected within 6 degrees of each other. Simply put, there is a path that includes no more than 6 people from me to anyone on the planet.  Kevin... Continue Reading →

Bronte Pools: 5 tips for long exposure photography

The photographer's day really begins well before sunrise. The early morning hours are critical in getting great photos as the most color change happens the hours around sunrise and sunset. One of the Meetup groups, Not Only Black and White, had a sunrise shoot out at Bronte pools. The photographer's day really begins well before... Continue Reading →


After my experience at Glebe Café Chruch, I wanted to check out Hillsong.  Hillsong is one of Sydney’s larger churches.  By American standards, it would be clearly in the mega church category.  Hillsong has campuses all over Australia and a few spots throughout the world. Hillsong and I crossed paths in 2006 during my time... Continue Reading →

5 tips from a newbie in the studio

One of the pleasant surprises here in Sydney is that it has a very vibrant culture of Meetup groups. I thought Meetup, being a New York corporation would have very limited presence here. The opposite couldn't have been more true. I've found groups that do photography, PHP development, WordPress, and more. It's been easy to... Continue Reading →

Saint Patrick’s Moon

I remember a meetup about a month ago where the focus was to take photos of the Opera House with the moon coming over the horizon.  That meetup got rained out. I checked to see if the moon would be in the same position a month later and it turned out I was in luck!... Continue Reading →

Rain, Rain, Rain

Whenever I travel, I love to experience weather.   California has no weather.  After the latest "cold snap" (below room temperature for the rest of the world (60F)) in California, Jimmy Kimmel aggregated the local weather reports. You got to love the parts about "the leaves blowing around" causing problems.  Really?  The leaves blowing around. I'll... Continue Reading →

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