Flat Stanley Comes to California!

Background A few weeks ago I got a special package in the mail from my niece.  I had been selected for a Flat Stanley project.  Flat Stanley is a children’s tale where Stanley gets a new bulletin board for his room.  One night as Stanley is asleep the bulletin board falls on top of him... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Syd

I heart you, Australia 🙂 There are a few places in the world that will take a bit of your heart with you as you leave them. Sydney was one of those for me. With all the rain the first day I was sort of bummed about my next two weeks here. I was also... Continue Reading →

Day 2: Hong Kong

Today I woke up well rested after a long day traveling. Extreme time changes seem to be unpredictable for me. Moving the clock forward 16 hours has it's effect on me, but in general, the process has been much smoother than I had expected. Now that I'm here I really have no idea what I'd... Continue Reading →

Day 1: Hong Kong

I've never been to Asia. San Francisco was the closest to Asia that I've ever been aside from the occasional outing to the Chinese restaurant as a kid. When the opportunity arose to travel out to Taiwan for work, I jumped on it. With a bit of crowd sourcing on where to go, the masses... Continue Reading →

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