After my experience at Glebe Café Chruch, I wanted to check out Hillsong.  Hillsong is one of Sydney’s larger churches.  By American standards, it would be clearly in the mega church category.  Hillsong has campuses all over Australia and a few spots throughout the world. Hillsong and I crossed paths in 2006 during my time... Continue Reading →

Rain, Rain, Rain

Whenever I travel, I love to experience weather.   California has no weather.  After the latest "cold snap" (below room temperature for the rest of the world (60F)) in California, Jimmy Kimmel aggregated the local weather reports. You got to love the parts about "the leaves blowing around" causing problems.  Really?  The leaves blowing around. I'll... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Mark

I met Mark the first time I was here in Australia. I was super grateful for his expertise as it made this traveler’s journey much easier being fresh from the states. Now coming back to Sydney, it was great seeing a familiar face in the context of a new adventure. Mark was celebrating his 43rd... Continue Reading →


Meetup is a wonderful thing. You can drop into a foreign city and connect with people that have similar interests as you. I've put a number of my Meetups back home on hold and joined new ones here ranging from photography, outdoors, to technology. Tonight was a hangout recreational group down south of town so... Continue Reading →

Sydney Trains: under ground

It's amazing sometimes how the cadence of your day can change so quickly. I was walking home across the Sydney Harbor Bridge and saw that the Sydney Opera House was lit in bright red for Chinese New Year. I came back to the house and grabbed my camera gear. I was ready for the first... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Syd

I heart you, Australia 🙂 There are a few places in the world that will take a bit of your heart with you as you leave them. Sydney was one of those for me. With all the rain the first day I was sort of bummed about my next two weeks here. I was also... Continue Reading →

Am I Manly Enough?

With a day in the mountains behind me, I wondered what I should do for my last day in Sydney. I had walked around downtown quite a bit. I’d seen the Blue Mountains, but could have stayed an extra day there. Being this was high summer, I opted for the beach. Sydney has three beaches... Continue Reading →

Oz: Boots on the Ground

I have two weeks in Australia and want to make sure that I see as much as I can while I am here. The day I landed it was cold and wet the whole day. Paula, one of my good friends, raved on and on about Sydney. I wasn't impressed the first day but things... Continue Reading →


I’ve actually not traveled all that much internationally in life but this January I had an opportunity to go to Asia with Netflix. Now that I’m signed on with Atlassian I’m off to Sydney. Atlassian is an Australian company so a lot of this visit was to meet a number of my counterparts down under.... Continue Reading →

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